Grand Most Worthy Joshua

Antonio Jackson

Grand Outer Gate Keeper

Glendra Smith-Watson

Grand Inner Gate Keeper

L'Toia Benjamin

Grand Chaplain

Willie Martin

Grand Junior Attendant

Iva Gissentaner

Grand Recording Secretary

Lillie James

Grand Most Ancient Matron

Phines C. Jones


Rahab Grand Court

Heroines of Jericho

State and Jurisdiction of South Carolina

Prince Hall Affiliation

Phines C. Jones, Grand Most Ancient Matron

Grand Vice Ancient Matron

Claudette Hunte-Jackson

Grand Senior Attendant

JoAnn Manigault

Grand Vice Joshua

Ray Anthony Alston

Grand Treasurer

Theresa Sellers-Asbury

Grand Financial Secretary

Laurie A. Ross

Grand CCFC

Millicent Lann