Palmetto Grand Commandery

Knights Templar

State of South Carolina

Prince Hall Affiliation

SK Hadji Harper R.E.G.C.

? ‐1978



Palmetto Grand Commandery, PHA

In1978, Very Eminent Grand  Commander Henry L. Marshall wrote ‘ It has been more than four decades that North Carolina and South Carolina met in their final Convocation in the City of Chester.” Calculated year is around 1937. J. C. White and his brother R. E. White both served as the  Very Eminent Grand Commander. Henry L. Marshall was replace J. C. White and served until Clemon H. Richardson election in 1978. 

Very Eminent Commander Marshall  report that he had held the reins and sat in the driver’s seat too long. He reported that with the help of Sir James M. Davis at Cash, Sir L. E. Hyman at Pamplico, Sir C. H. Richardson of Charleston and Sir Lloyd Buckner they came up with the name Palmetto Grand Commandery, P.H.A. He also reported that Palmetto Grand Commandery had been a part of the Grand Encampment since 1976 and that he had attended the Grand Encampment, Knights Templar, PHA and the International Grand Court‐Cyrene , USA 52nd Grand Conclave  in Kansas City, Kansas in 1978.

Palmetto Grand Commandery has hosted the Grand Encampment twice. Once at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Greenville in 1994 and at Marriot Columbia Hotel in 2014. Samuel Davis was elected as the Grand Encampment’s of Knights Templar, United States of America and its Jurisdiction, P.H.A., Inc. Most Eminent Grand Master in 2017 and served until 2019.

The following Sir Knights have served Palmetto Grand Commandery as Very Eminent Grand Commander:

​​R. E. White
J. C. White
Henry L. Marshall
Clemon H. Richardson
Billy J. Powell
Robert L. Nix
Robert W. Pindar
Harold Thompson
James A. L. Myers
Silas J. Williams
Samuel Davis
O. D. Berry
Wilbert Gathers
John H. Blume
Alden Holmes

​Johnny Holmes

Hadji Harper